And become an Independent Distributor if you want to also build a business and get product discounts.

It’s all about Color, It’s all about Glamour, It’s all about Opportunities!

Amazing long lasting color, that is smudge proof, kiss proof and water proof! Sound too good to be true? Let LipSense make you a believer!

Lipsense currently comes in over 70 colors. You can take those 70 colors and make endless custom combinations to suit your every mood. Colors that can be layered and take you from day time to date night ready.

You can buy your products for retail or you have options.

Host a book party or a Face Book party for your friends and family.
Think free or discounted products when hosting a demo with total sales of

$1.00 to $300.00 you receive 10% off of your personal order

$301.00 to $600.00 you receive 20% off of your personal order

$601.00 and higher you receive 30% off your personal order

An additional 5% for each demo booked from your party

Why not become a distributor? You can buy your personal products at wholesale prices plus you can sell these wonderful products to your friends and family and supplement your income.        

Once you fall in love with these products that do AMAZING things for your lips, you will want to explore the other products that we offer.

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We have a full line of makeup that offers the same beautiful look with the same unbelievable all day staying power. Imagine an eye shadow that doesn’t fade or crease and a mascara that extends and volumizes your lashes, all those things are available and much, much more.

Come join us and experience makeup that makes you happy


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